Second Grade - Ms. Baumgarten

Welcome to 2nd Grade!


Second Grade is a WONDERFUL year!
It is a time to develop skills, discover strengths, and
learn many new things together. 
is filled with excitement, fun, and lots of learning!  


  Some topics we will be learning about    
  during the month of March are...

   Reading: plot & theme, fact & opinion, and
   cause & effect 

   Phonics & Spelling:  
words with oo, ue, ew & ui, 
   suffixes -ly, -ful, -er, & -or, and prefixes un-, re-, pre-, & dis-

   Grammar & Writing:  adverbs and pronouns 

   Math:  measurement (inches & centimeters) and graphing

   Social Studies: geography: map skills and continents  

   Religion:  Parts of the Mass and Lent


Stacked Books.png
Our Unit 5 Reading Street Stories include:
*  Firefighter!
*  Carl the Complainer
*  Bad Dog, Dodger!
*  Horace and Morris, but mostly Dolores
*  The Signmaker's Assistant

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