Second Grade - Ms. Baumgarten

Welcome to 2nd Grade!


Second Grade is a WONDERFUL year!
It is a time to develop skills, discover strengths, and
learn many new things together. 
is filled with excitement, fun, and lots of learning!  

Congratulations to the 2nd Graders who received First Holy Communion.  We are very proud of them!  May God's love and blessings be with them today and remain with them always.

Camera Photo.png Click on Second Grade's Photo Gallery to see some very special
Communion pictures


  Some topics we will be learning about    
  during the month of May are...

   Reading: main idea & details, comparing & contrasting, author's
   purpose, and drawing conclusions 

   Phonics & Spelling:  
vowel patterns aw, au, augh, al, inflected
   endings (-ing & -ed), abbreviations, and final syllables -tion, -ture  

   Grammar & Writing:  contractions, capitalization, and quotation

   Math:  telling time, geometry, and fractions

   Social Studies: geography: USA & the 50 states (focus on NY) 

   Religion:  Honoring Mary in the month of May - May Procession


Stacked Books.png
Our Unit 5 Reading Street Stories include:
*  Firefighter!
*  Carl the Complainer
*  Bad Dog, Dodger!
*  Horace and Morris, but mostly Dolores
*  The Signmaker's Assistant
Our Unit 6 Reading Street Stories include:
*  Just Like Josh Gibson
*  Red, White, and Blue
*  A Birthday Basket for Tia
*  Cowboys
*  Grace for President

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Kid Wearing Cap.png