‚ÄčHomework will usually be given Monday through Thursday. 


Homework provides additional skill practice as well as reinforcement of concepts learned in class.  Completing daily homework assignments carefully and neatly helps students to strengthen and develop their sense of responsibility. 

***Please review & sign your child's   homework each night!***


Week of May 22, 2017


1.  Read
2.  Spelling
3.  Math Pages 257 & 258     
4.  Gym Tomorrow

*2nd Grade attends library
classes on wednesday
mornings.  please return
books borrowed from the 
OLP school library by tuesday.  
thank you very Much!  

Stacked Books.png


1.  Read
2.  Spelling  
3.  Math Pages 301 & 302
4.  Grammar Sheet
5.  Study for Math Test
6.  Study for Social
     Studies Test



1.  Read
2.  Spelling
3.  Math Sheet
4.  Grammar Sheet
5.  Study For Friday's Spelling Test
6.  School Closed Tomorrow
     For Ascension Thursday



Study For Spelling Test


Reading is fun!
Since reading is an essential element of learning, I request that the children be engaged in reading for at least 15-20 minutes each night.  Please record each book or chapter on the reading log sent home in September at Parent/Teacher Orientation Night.  

the log is complete please return it to school to receive credit, and a new log will be sent home.

Individual Reading Log Letter
Reading Log (extra copy)

Please also continue to review and practice basic addition and subtraction facts.  Knowing these facts provides a more solid foundation to build upon as math increases in difficulty.

Below is a link to Think Central (Go Math!) so that you may access online versions of both the math homework book and the math classwork book as well as access other resources for math help.
Think Central (Go Math!)
Go Math!