Weekly spelling lists will be assigned throughout the school year.  Spelling homework will typically be given Monday through Thursday.  Daily spelling assignments should be carefully completed in the front section of the homework notebook.  Spelling tests are usually given on Fridays.  Spelling skills may be further developed through regular writing, lots of reading, awareness of common spelling patterns, and by playing spelling games.

Spelling City is a website that contains fun interactive spelling games.  The weekly spelling words can be inputted so that students have additional spelling practice. 

Link to Spelling City

Weekly Spelling Lists 
Weekly spelling lists are listed below.  
Please click on the spelling list link to see the weekly words
and daily homework assignments.

List 1 - Short Vowels
List 2 - Long Vowels with Silent e
List 3 - Consonant Blends
List 4 - Inflected Endings
List 5 - Consonant Digraphs
List 6 - r-Controlled ar, or, ore
List 7 - Contractions
List 8 - r-Controlled er, ir, ur
List 9 - Plurals -s, -es, -ies
List 10 - Long a
List 11 - Long e 
List 12 - Long o
List 13 - Compound Words
List 14 - Long i
List 15 - Comparative Endings
List 16 - Vowel Patterns oo, u
List 17 - Final syllable
List 18 - Diphthongs ou, ow, oi, oy
List 19 - Compound Words
List 20 - Vowel Digraphs oo, ue, ew, ui 
List 21 - Suffixes
List 22 - Prefixes
List 23 - Consonant Patterns
List 24 - Consonant Patterns
List 25 - Vowel Patterns
List 26 - Inflected Endings
List 27 - Abbreviations
List 28 - Final Syllables -tion, -ture
List 29 - Suffixes
List 30 - Prefixes

Click on the link below for some tips to help
you study your spelling words.
Studying Your Spelling Words Tip Sheet

spelling bee