5th Grade ELA

Homework Week of 03/13:

Complete the "Getting Organized" graphic organizer on your iPad based on the internet research you have done so far. You should have 3 "important ideas" with 5 details for each. We will be coming up with our thesis statements in class. This is all due on Wednesday!

You need the following things tomorrow in class..
1. Thesis statement (completed)
2. All pieces of important information and details (completed)
3. The name of the book chosen from our OLP Library System
4. Three questions you still have about your topic after completing your online research. What more do you want to know?


Spelling Words :
1. uncover
2. defrost
3. uncomfortable
4. discourage
5. disadvantage
6. unfortunate
7. unfamiliar
8. disability
9. discomfort
10. deodorant
11. unemployed
12. deflate
13. disbelief
14. unpredictable
15. disapprove
16. unpleasant
17. dehydrated
18. disqualify
19. undecided
20. disappoint

Challenge Words:
1. disenchanted
2. dehumidifier