Language Arts

Our Language Arts Program enables students to communicate effectively with others. It is a developmental and sequentially ordered program of oral and written communication, including listening, speaking, writing, reading, and thinking which is integrated into every area of the elementary curriculum. Teachers have the opportunity and responsibility to provide creative, open and motivating situations and activities where interaction and communication can flow. Students are evaluated in the general areas of writing, speech, and reading by teacher observations and testing, as well as through assigned projects and activities. (Grades 7 & 8 are divided into two smaller literature groups.) Goals: At the conclusion of eight years of study, the students will have been taught the necessary skills and demonstrate them in all subject areas: - to gather information, interpret it within the content of an oral presentation - to respond accurately, creatively and effectively using various forms of speech - to express him/herself clearly, concisely, creatively using various forms of writing - to practice the mechanics of language and the basics of composition - to be able to comprehend the printed page and media presentations in order to interpret, analyze, and evaluate information - to take pride in his/her work and to participate in self-evaluation based on pre-determined criteria - to exhibit confidence in communicating with individuals and groups
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